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Like any profession, not all consultants are the same. Many claim to be ‘experts’, but very few can think big like a CEO, control costs like a CFO, and have an encyclopedic knowledge of technology, like a CIO.

AEG is a team of top tier experts, with the pedigree, references, and certifications to prove it. We are your partner when you need help solving business challenges, formulating technology strategy, evaluating IT investment value, or your in house talent. We’re here to help you plan, communicate value, and execute business success through application of custom tailored technology platforms.

Unlike many other ‘consultants’ we are a real life A-Team of technology experts, with deep and wide skillset of building complex tailored technology ecosystems. We’ve done it all.

From MBA business analysts, to Amazon AWS and VMWare architects, our consultants help you plan, price, execute, and operate your technology platform. We are experts in traditional topics like enterprise network design and virtualization, as well as complex cloud IaaS and PaaS strategy, and everything in between. We can help with business analysis, process design, and governance creation.

Day or night, we are here to help. If your systems are down, we’re ready to jump in, right the ship, and get you back to fully operational status.

Our consultants will not only help you modernize, improve uptime, while reducing costs. We can help optimize your CRM to improve sales efficiency, reduce operating costs by eliminating overlapping systems or vendors, and guide you through the pitfalls of cloud migration. We are adept in helping you communicate the value to the business audience, gain adoption from the business community, and eliminate disruptions.

Our engagements are always on time, on budget, and executed to perfection. We stand behind our reputation and will take 20% off the final services invoice, if you’re not totally thrilled with our work.

Your staff is busy. Call us and we’ll help design, implement, and operate bespoke technology solutions tailor made to enable your organization through technology.

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Our Strategic Services

Stabilizing / Modernizing

Design and execute plans to get you out of firefighting mode with 30 days, 90 days, and six month milestones. We can:

  • Stabilize – Rapidly assess and eliminate root cause of outages or instability in the existing environment.
  • Futureproof – We can help you understand the latest trends in enterprise technology, how it applies to your needs, and design a clear roadmap.
  • Reengineer – Assess, present, and implement short term stability fixes, while migrating components into new platforms. Often without any outages or business impact.
  • Training – Help re-train, and if needed, re-staff your IT teams to successfully operate new environment.
  • Process – Redesign operational process around models like ITIL for maximum reliability and efficiency.
  • Staff Realignment – Analyze current skill sets and give guidance to improve performance, retention, and service delivery.

Cloud Strategy Design

From AWS / Azure design and pricing models to containers and automation, we are experts in helping mid-size business to finally make the move. Our services include realignment systems and applications for cloud readiness, interdependence documentation, and cutover. We are also here to help in making the business case, alleviate business objections, and support you once you’ve made the leap.

Cost Management

From telecom contracts to hardware mix, we can help you identify opportunities to consolidate, simplify, or renegotiate. Technical expertise aside, our cost management consultants hold MBA’s, Masters in Accounting, and event CFA certifications. We can help you leverage better terms to finance your capital and operating spending, understand true cost accounting based value of projects, and help calculate ROI.
  • Pricing Validation – When making large capital purchases, resellers are often liberal with the profit margin they price in. AEG can help you get a better understanding of the pricing you’re getting.

Incident Response

In critical situations, we are your trusted friend. If your mission critical systems are down or you have a security breach, we can be on site in as long as it takes us to get there. No eye popping retainer fees or excessive hourly rates. When you need us, we’re a phone call away and always ready to help.

Security Posture

Is your perimeter state of the art, but users routinely fall for spear phishing? Can a perspective attacker gain access to your datacenter by posing as an AC repairman? Our comprehensive security posture assessment can be as scary as it is fun. With the multimillion dollar losses from financial impersonation scams to loss of intellectual property, our Rapid Security Assessment can make you a far harder nut to crack.

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Traditional Technical Expertise

Network Design

A fast and resilient network is the very foundation of your architecture. Unlike the days when environments were homogeneously vendor uniform, today a good network is anything but. From Arista, to Open Compute and Software Defined Networking, your choice in conceptual design and specific vendors is bigger than ever. Call us, and we’ll help you find performance issues, reduce complexity, or design a cutting edge network topology tailored to your needs of today and years to come.

Network Security

Nothing seems to be a more relevant topic today than protecting your network. From malware and ransomware, to loss of intellectual property, we can help make sure your environment is as secure as you expect and that you’ll know it, if data is breached.

  • Perimeter – The only thing separating you from the world is your edge. Yet, in order to support the business, we often leave ourselves vulnerable. We can help you understand how the rules you have can be exploited, categorize the risk, and help reduce your attack surface.
  • IPS / IDS – Every hacker knows, there is no such system that cant be breached. With the right Intrusion Detection systems in place, breaches can be quickly identified, investigated, and remediated before real damage occurs. We can help you select the right tools for your environment, create rules that don’t frustrate users, and let your security team sleep at night.
  • Malware / Ransomware – As ransomware becomes a billion-dollar profit center for hackers, the level of sophistication has increased geometrically. We see companies losing millions of dollars on an almost daily basis. With the right detection mechanisms and operating process, we can help you reduce the possibility of being a victim to absolute minimum.
  • DLP – The biggest threat is often the internal one. Employees leaving with company secrets or industrial espionage, Data Loss Prevention tools can help detect, analyze, and prevent the theft of sensitive company data, such as customer lists.
  • Encryption – Often the missing link that can prevent disaster, many companies fail to identify and encrypt critical data, such as customer account details or financial documents. Even one such document in the wrong hands can be used to divert funds or socially engineer your customer’s accounts. Contact us to help assure you know your data is secure.


  • Exchange – Your communications are critical, both internally and with your customers. Yet, todays messaging platforms are often multi-layered and vary greatly in design. Let us help you assess your messaging infrastructure, eliminate single points of failure, reduce SPAM and malware, or implement a Disaster Recovery hot site.
  • Archiving – The component that often goes unnoticed until its needed, the archiving and compliance platforms can be both problem prone and difficult to operate. Whether you’re a few versions behind or want to consider your options for a different platform, we’re here to help make sure your archiving and compliance data is available when you need it most.
  • MDM – Almost all our clients now use a bring your own device policy, but can you make sure that company data is protected, the device is patched, and can be wiped in the event of loss. Mobile Device Management can do all that and more.

Microsoft Active Directory

Directory services design is one of the most complex IT topics, that often goes overlooked and noticed only when problems occur. Unfortunately, once your AD is having issues, the effects are often felt across the entire enterprise.

  • Active Directory – While rudimentary on the surface, this area can become extremely complex as your environment grows. From creating Forest Level Trusts during M&A activities, to Federations, we have seen many clients create problems and outages, with improper design. With several Microsoft certified, and highly experienced experts on staff, we can help you assess and improve your AD structure before problems occur.
  • DNS – Just below networking in criticality, the Domain Naming Service is the cornerstone of all your internal communication. As your environment grows, the internal operations of DNS can become unattended, with zones being set to the incorrect type, out of replication, or missing correct security settings, to name a few.
  • Delegation and Rights – When it comes to external auditing, there is nothing we see more than massively over-delegated rights in Active Directory. Often, dormant accounts of IT personnel no longer with the company, have extensive delegated rights. Because they don’t have membership in typical groups like Domain and Enterprise Admin, those mistakes are very hard to spot. Let us help you understand your rights structures, what’s missing, and eliminate unauthorized access.


Being virtual is table stakes in modern Infrastructure models. While most of our clients have achieved some level of Virtualization, they often underutilize the technology, leave some of its best features unused, or simply fall behind. We can help streamline your environment, eliminate resource misallocation, and get your hypervisors back to optimal performance.

    Disaster Recovery

    Do you have a documented Disaster Recovery plan? Is it up to date? Have you tested it? We have the technical expertise and process engineering backgrounds to make sure your DR tests are fast, predictable, and most importantly – successful.


    Phone systems aren’t sexy but they can be tremendously disruptive when they wreak havoc when they’re down. That’s why customers are often hesitant to make changes and even overpay for their voice platforms.

    • ISP Selection / Negotiation
    • Hosted VOIP selection and migration
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    Our Company

    AEG was founded by a group of friends, most of whom knew each other since college. As time went on, all of us reached the peak of our respective careers: from Senior Vice Presidents in corporate IT, to heading architecture in a major global corporation, we realized we have a breadth and depth of experience that’s hard to find in the consulting world.

    Our Managing Partners spent decades gaining an encyclopedic knowledge of technology, working with C level executives to gain consensus and manage change, or consulting organizations on how to leverage technology as a competitive advantage. Combined, we assembled a unique synergy of knowledge.

    From change management to governance creation, from staff analysis to technology road mapping, we go well beyond being a hired IT gun. We know how to design a bulletproof network or an IT Service Portfolio. We know how to fix a misbehaving SAN or help you recruit a great SAN engineer. Most of all, we love sharing our expertise and helping clients make IT a business tool.

    Our Philosophy

    Alleron Expert Group was founded with one goal in mind – to fix the broken world of technology consulting. Our founders spent many years as corporate customers of consultants and as executives in consulting firms. During that time, we found three fundamental problems:

    The first is the conflict of interest. The consulting firms’ goal is to maximize profit. To do so, they will always try to bill at the highest rate, but hire the cheapest talent. What the customer often doesn’t know, is that the consultant setting up his critical systems has near zero experience. Fresh out of college or having been laid off, these cost effective consultants are often taught to paint by numbers, with little understanding of the underlying technology. Like building a house, the design mistakes often take time to manifest, but when the cracks appear they are often debilitating.

    The second issue is the vendor centric approach. Even if your consultants are claiming to be vendor agnostic, that simply isn’t possible. To control costs, their staff is only trained in one solution, such as one type of Storage Area Network, one type of virtualization platform, etc. The conversation will always steer to the solution they know. Scarier yet, is the consultant that will say yes to anything to get the business. We were recently contacted by a client whose consultants attempted to upgrade their Juniper firewalls. Turns out, they had no experience with Juniper, but were worried about losing the account to another consulting firm. Needless to say, we had our hands full repairing the damage.

    Of course, your technology investment should be more than table stakes. Most consulting firms can upgrade your email system, but cant quantify the business case behind doing so. Because our firm employs MBAs, Masters of Computer Science, and even Masters of Finance experts, we are able to design technology solutions that are more than sunk costs. They have a clearly defined business goal acceleration strategies, with a measureable Return on Investment, even if you know nothing about IT. When appropriate, we offer formal business case analysis, which includes financial, risk, and change management components.

    Like Special Forces, our consultants are the best in their fields. All have extensive technical expertise, many references, and even published case studies. Small in headcount, we employ only the top one percent of technologists. Though rarely the cheapest, AEG has a reputation for the right architecture solution, delivered quickly, and error free. We stand behind our work with an industry leading warranty of a full refund, that has yet to be claimed.

    Call us and experience the difference for yourself.